Family-owned businesses offer tremendous opportunities and challenges because of the complex interrelationships between family, finances and business. But when the time comes to transfer the company, those challenges become even more acute. Business owners who do not get professional help through this transition often have major regrets.

Business owners are typically ill-prepared to address business transitions. They’re good at running a business, but usually not transferring the business. This is a very specialized area that requires real expertise and experience. There is a much better solution that we call holistic family business planning.

A proactive, multi-disciplinary planning approach can help families to better control their results. A team-based approach, which is embedded into holistic family business planning, provides opportunities for advisors across key disciplines to collaborate on critical topics and build a plan that is in the best interest of the family.

The benefits of holistic family business planning are very compelling:

  • Integrates family wealth plan with business plan.
  • Educates owners and families on potential options.
  • Facilitates conversations with family members about future succession.
  • Prepares owner and family for future wealth creating (liquidity) event.
  • Enhances value of business and mitigates risks.
  • Increases family harmony.

This 27-minute webinar will offer you insights into who should be on your team and how they should collaborate to help you realize much better outcomes.

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