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Marisol Reyes

Marisol Reyes is a Senior Planning Coordinator at Whitnell. She has worked with Mia Erickson for almost 15 years. The continuity of Marisol’s service on the team gives great comfort to clients, as she has developed a strong relationship with them through the years. Marisol’s primary focus as a Coordinator is to maintain client relations on a daily basis.

Marisol’s number one priority is taking care of client needs as it relates to their financial situation. Marisol is an integral part of the daily contact with clients. It puts their mind at ease knowing that she is there to take their call and she ensures their needs are met.

She enjoys developing a personal relationship with every client. She assists in the preparation of financial plans, places investments trades, handles all financial transactions for clients, coordinates the scheduling of meetings and travel arrangements and manages all other essential tasks on behalf of the client.

Marisol has over twenty years of experience in the financial service industry specializing in financial planning. Prior to joining Whitnell, Marisol was a Senior Assistant in the Financial Planning department at Harris Bank where she was able to learn the industry and polish her skills.

Marisol graduated from Jones Metropolitan High School with a business diploma.