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Executive Planning

Strategies To Attract And Retain Top Talent

The Situation

Many of Whitnell’s clients are business owners of private companies or senior executives in public or privately held companies.  These individuals know that attracting and retaining top talent for life is crucial to the success of their business.  This, in turn, produces meaningful financial benefits to their personal financial life and their families. 

However, attracting and retaining top talent for life is no small feat.  To achieve this objective, management teams inside many companies have made financial wellness a top goal.  Usually financial wellness means the talent inside an organization is focused and energized to do their best work because they are not worried about their personal finances or their family’s financial well-being.

To improve financial wellness, organizations have instituted a number of programs.  Yet, the challenge with these programs is there is often no organized and coherent approach that makes it simple and easy for executives to understand exactly what they need to do.  A hodge-podge of options might provide benefit to executives and this might allow them to focus on work. 

But executives are usually not interested in what might work.  They want to know what will work.  They want a straight-forward plan that they know they can follow.  They also want a qualified partner they can trust to provide individualized attention as they progress on their journey.  They want someone who can monitor their results and help them make course corrections over time.

This approach – the best programs combined with individualized attention from a wealth manager – produces true financial wellness and a highly focused and energized work-force.  This approach also provides real competitive advantage in the recruitment process. 

When a talented individual is choosing between organization A, offering a solid benefits package, versus organization B, providing true executive planning – great programs plus personalized attention from a wealth manager – organization B has true competitive advantage. 

Yet many companies are concerned they cannot afford this type of program and approach.  Many senior executives in both private and public companies believe that is simply out of bounds in terms of cost.  They seem to believe only Fortune 500 companies can offer this level of executive planning.  Executives from small-to-mid-size companies wonder if they actually can afford these services

However, they also know if they could institute the right programs with the right level of individualized attention from a wealth manager, this would make a huge difference for their company.  They know it would improve their recruiting efforts and help them position for the next decade of growth.  They know it would positively impact productivity and innovation and enhance their culture, reputation and brand.

But many senior executives and business owners simply don’t know where to turn or who to trust to produce these outcomes.  This is why we offer the Whitnell Executive Planning service.