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How We Are Unique

Insights Into Our Character

In our past, our present and our future, our clients discover a true partner who shares not only their family values but also a deep interest in their most important family milestones: birth, college, marriage, retirement, health concerns and end of life. It is within our very DNA to anticipate and plan for these milestones in life, because this was the vision of our founder.

At Whitnell we recognize that most financial services organizations like to lavishly discuss their capabilities when it comes time to talk about their firm. They like to brag about how their team members have advanced degrees, a great deal of experience and unrivaled expertise. At Whitnell, we certainly have these capabilities in spades. But we have come to see these as merely table stakes. Why?

We believe that most affluent families today are looking for something beyond just raw capabilities. They are looking for character. If we ask you to trust us with your most important financial assets and familial relationships, it is only fair that we give you insights into our character.