Our Company

Big-Firm Financial Services With A Family Touch

Who We Are

Registered Investment Advisory For Affluent Families

Whitnell is a wealth management organization based in Oak Brook, Illinois. For more than a quarter century we have protected and enhanced the wealth of affluent families, some of whom have been with us for three generations.

It is our mission to provide affluent families with comfort and peace of mind so they can focus their energies on what matters most to them: their families, their businesses and careers and the charitable causes they pursue with passion.

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What We Do

We Handle The Complexity Associated With Managing Wealth To Bring Our Clients Peace Of Mind

As wealth managers, Whitnell provides a wide range of services our clients need to feel comfortable about the future, both for themselves and the ones they love. At a given time in our long-term relationships with clients, we may bring any or all of the following services to bear on their behalf.

Clients who benefit from these comprehensive services can realize greater peace of mind. They know that the details of some of the most important decisions of their lives have been analyzed by an objective, experienced third-party who understands their unique situation and can make recommendations accordingly.

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How We Are Unique

Insights Into Our Character

In our past, our present and our future, our clients discover a true partner who shares not only their family values but also a deep interest in their most important family milestones: birth, college, marriage, retirement, health concerns and end of life. It is within our very DNA to anticipate and plan for these milestones in life, because this was the vision of our founder.

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Our Past, Present & Future

The Story Of How We Got Here

In 1988, Donald P. Kelly, a successful Chicago businessman, founded Whitnell along with two experienced investment professionals – Bill White and Mike Brunell. From the merger of their two last names, the Whitnell company name was born. One of the hallmarks of Don Kelly, as an executive, was leadership. He lead by example and hired great people who were considered experts in their individual disciplines. He gave them autonomy to make decisions and run their divisions as they saw fit. Bill White epitomized this philosophy and built the foundation on which Whitnell stands.

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Who We Serve

Business Owners, Executives, Affluent Families

Whitnell serves affluent families, many of whom, like us, have deep roots in Midwestern soil and values. Many of these families view their wealth not merely as assets, income or investments, but as the means by which they protect and comfort the ones they love.

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Our Clients' Goals and Concerns

Why They Work Hard & Take Risks

Families like this share certain goals and concerns. They put family first and want their wealth to be available to support the ones they love. This is their top concern. A loss of wealth is equivalent to a loss in their ability to care for their family.

These individuals want their wealth to grow. Many of our clients have worked very hard for their wealth and now want it to work for them. However, their desire to grow their wealth almost never supersedes their desire to preserve their wealth. They want to be intelligent and thoughtful about the level of risk they entertain, taking risk that results in positive gains.

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Our Clients' Values

What Matters Deeply To Them

Our clients value comfort. It is important to them to be comfortable with a financial advisor. They often choose to have a financial advisor build relationships with numerous family members, not just a primary patriarch or matriarch who controls wealth. They want to make sure spouses and children know their financial advisor and are being advised on the key issues that impact their family.

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