Are You Comfortable With Your Financial Advisor?

The future is an unknown, and for many families, an uncertain destination. Over the last few years we’ve witnessed a perfect storm that has undermined the confidence many affluent families used to feel about the financial services industry.

A deep and difficult recession has impacted the global economy, resulting in near stagnant growth. Wall Street executives have been caught in numerous scandals, eroding not only their individual credibility but also the credibility of the companies they represent. Ponzi schemes have exposed unscrupulous individuals who prey on trusting investors. A roller-coaster stock market has left many families feeling uncertain about where their wealth will be in the coming years. The housing market has been hit hard.

So it’s no wonder that many affluent families feel uncomfortable about the future.

But this raises an important question. Isn’t it the responsibility of financial advisors to help affluent families chart their course to the future?

If you believe that to be true, then the next logical question is this. Whom do you trust to help your family chart your course? Now that is a difficult question.

At a time when affluent families most need a financial partner they can trust – someone who really knows them and has the expertise and moral character to make a difference – trust is at an all-time low.

But not everywhere.

In fact, in a recent survey of our top clients we discovered that trust, comfort and a feeling of being deeply known were the very reasons that our clients have stayed with us through these difficult times. And these feelings were every bit as important as our quality investment advice. As a family-oriented business, we are far more main street than Wall Street. We deliver a very different kind of experience than what most affluent families have come to expect.

So maybe trust and comfort and a vision for the future aren’t dead in the financial services industry after all? You just have to know where to look to find them.

How can we help your family? Let’s have a conversation.