In this podcast, originally aired on Chicago’s Premiere talk-radio station, WGN, Christy Pedersen discusses the stress that many people face when making decisions about retirement.  Some of the biggest stressors come from the people we love the most, parents, children, siblings and dear family-friends we want to help.  Many people struggle to know, with certainty, that the financial strategy they have in place today will actually allow them to live their desired lifestyle in retirement. 

Preparing for retirement requires a lot of thinking, strategy and careful decision-making.  But it also requires many multi-generational families to do something that is often not comfortable – talking about money.  In this podcast, Christy provides many helpful suggestions about how to talk to family members about situations that could have a real impact on your retirement. 

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"I enjoy hearing my client’s stories about their lives, families and dreams. It is very meaningful to me to help them align their wealth with their vision for the future."

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