In this podcast, originally aired on Chicago’s premier talk-radio station, WGN, Mia Erickson discusses the importance of having a personal CFO. In today’s climate, successful families contend with a lot of complexity—taxes, estate plans, investments, insurance products, real estate and even charitable giving. What does it take to make the best possible decisions in these areas? More importantly, how are time-starved people supposed to get all the work done and get all their advisors to think and act like one coordinated team?

This is where a personal CFO can really help. Much the way a CFO advises and guides the financial decisions of a company, a personal CFO can do the same for successful families. But more importantly, a personal CFO can serve as the quarterback of the advisor team to ensure the work gets done on time and in accordance with a family’s wishes. That creates real peace of mind for busy families. Mia describes more about this approach in her 15-minute WGN interview.

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"I'm really passionate about building an integrated plan for my clients. Taxes, retirement, investments, estate planning and so much more. I care about getting the details right."

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