In this podcast, originally aired on Chicago’s Premiere talk-radio station, WGN, Brian Henderson discusses how success breeds complexity. Successful and hard-working people are also typically time-starved. This means that sometimes they have to choose between work, spending time with family or taking care of the details in their personal financial situation. When push comes to shove, work will get done and most people won’t sacrifice time with their family – leaving personal finances at-risk.

But the more successful a person becomes, the more details and complexity that usually stack up in their personal enterprise.  In fact, Brian recommends that successful people think of their personal financial situation just like a business, like a personal enterprise. You wouldn’t expect a business to take care of itself because it requires management and oversight. The same is true of a personal enterprise. But what do you do when there is no time to provide management and oversight? Brian addresses these and other concerns in the 11-minute interview on WGN.

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