In this podcast, originally aired on Chicago’s Premiere talk-radio station, WGN, Brian Henderson describes how he uses a strategy called The Book to organize the financial life of successful families. These people often are time-starved, have way too many tasks on their plate and contend with the complexity that seems to follow success. Many times, the more successful a family becomes, the more complex their lives become. At some point, they reach a catalyst event that causes them to seek a solution to simplify their lives.

Brian describes how he comes to deeply understand his clients by way of a thorough discovery process. This includes conversations that probe into family history and values and the creation of a family mission. It also includes a lot of research to document a family’s financial situation. All of these input sources shape The Book that Brian creates for his clients, which often leads to greater peace of mind.

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"Financial planning is the cornerstone of wealth creation. This is why I am so committed to helping my clients build the right financial plan, tailored to their unique family."

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