In this podcast, originally aired on Chicago’s premier talk-radio station, WGN, Jason Bohnet discusses his role with Whitnell and why he joined the firm. As a portfolio manager, Jason was attracted to Whitnell because of the investment philosophy of the organization, particularly the perspectives of Whitnell’s Chief Investment Officer, David Peckenpaugh. Jason notes that his philosophy and David Peckenpaugh’s philosophy are 100% aligned. 

In the interview, Jason describes his rigorous approach to bottom-up investment research, which helps him find valuable opportunities for clients. Jason also describes a scenario in which a mature client sought to diversify his portfolio while mitigating tax consequences. This executive was about to leave a company where he had acquired a significant amount of stock over many years. He sought a 30-year investment plan that allowed him to minimize both capital gains and estate taxes as he passed his wealth to heirs. Jason describes more about this in his 14-minute WGN interview. 

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"As a senior member of the Investment Committee, I enjoy conducting proprietary research to uncover nuggets of value I can bring our clients. I love it when one of our discoveries matches a client’s long-term goals. That makes me smile."

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