In this podcast, originally aired on Chicago’s premier talk-radio station, WGN, Mia Erickson discusses how a personal CFO improves the outcomes of executive benefit programs. Businesses today offer executive benefits to retain their top people, improve recruitment and enhance the focus and productivity of key staff. But most executives are time-starved and may not fully understand how to take advantage of the complete range of benefits they’ve been offered.

This is where a personal CFO can really help companies. Organizations that provide a personal CFO as part of a top-tier benefits program realize some pretty amazing outcomes. In this 14-minute podcast, Mia discusses best-in-class executive benefits. She also provides two case studies that highlight what happens both with, and without, the guidance of a personal CFO. 

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"I'm really passionate about building an integrated plan for my clients. Taxes, retirement, investments, estate planning and so much more. I care about getting the details right."

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